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Renovating a kitchen means choosing a lot of different parts to choose from. From cabinets to shelves a with the help of a builder you are able to create one of a kind pieces that are customized to your space. From measurements to shades and all the different hardware choices, having a builder allows you the opportunity create something you’ve only dreamed about. Having a professional builder takes the stress over finding manufactured pieces that already fit in your space. Having builders allows you to have whatever your heart desires for your kitchen renovation and be apart of the overall look of it all.

Construction Companies

Builders are an important part of any kitchen renovation. Auckland builders can build cabinets, shelves , Islands and other parts of your kitchen. Builders help ensure that all parts of the kitchen are built sturdy and to last the life of the kitchen. Kitchen spray painters has the best Auckland builders for any job big or small. Kitchen Spray Painters offers a large number of services to make your kitchen renovation a beautiful experience. Our team of expert builders have the expertise to build you anything and customize your appliances into your area in a beautiful and functional.

Cabinets and shelving

Cabinets and shelves are important for storage. Our Auckland builders give you the best designs and options for your storage dreams helping you to come up with ideas but are going to fit your kitchen needs. You will be able to pick custom cuts and finishes that suit your color palate. And the choice of hardware is endless. We can create floating shelves with custom finishes for a more modern or more rustic look. We can give you variety of lengths and widths to fit everything and still look very minimalist.


Kitchen islands are used for as extra storage space and space in the kitchen. Our kitchen builders can ensure your island is the right size to fit all of your needs. You have so many choices when comes to the functionality of your island. Do you want it to have a center sink or maybe a bar on the back end? Do you want a butcher block or and ice maker installed?  A builder auckland can customize you island for all your appliance needs as well.

Breakfast nook and seating

A breakfast nook is a great way to utilize window space or any other extra space in your kitchen. Kitchen spray painters can have a custom breakfast nook made just for your space. Our Auckland Builders can create a one-of-a-kind seating for your island bar so you can entertain guests while you cook. Or a custom dining table to hold all of your guest for dinner parties.

And more

We can create custom cabinets for your fridge, microwave, and other essential appliances so that your stainless steel appliances don’t clash with your kitchens overall theme. We offer a large array of different storage options for pantry items, trash cans and large array of other items you don’t want to be seen in your design. We make kitchen designs come to life and pay attention to all the small details so that the workmanship is something you can be proud of.

Kitchen Spray Painters

Kitchen Spray Painters have what you need for all parts of your kitchen renovation. From commercial restaurant kitchens to small home kitchens, we have workers for every part of your job including builders. Our builders are experts in making custom pieces for you kitchen. We go above and beyond to make sure that you kitchen renovation has a professional for all parts of your project. We make it easy so you don’t have to shop around for professionals at multiple places. We are your one stop shop for all of your renovation team needs.

We are a local kitchen renovation team that takes your business seriously. We know you have a dream for your kitchen renovation and we aim to make that dream a reality. We are a team of skilled, trustworthy, professionals that make sure that that you’re happy with our job.


  • Professionals- all of our builders auckland are trained professionals who are knowledgeable in a wide range of building jobs. We are experts who can tackle any project effectively. No one knows more about creating the beautiful kitchen pieces than our builders auckland.
  • Customer satisfaction- your satisfaction is our number one priority. We do our best job so that you are left without any worries about your builders.
  • Prices – we guarantee the best prices for the best work done. We know you dont wanna blow your budget on cabinets so we make our services affordable.
  • High quality- we only use high quality parts so we are able to offer a guarantee for the life of the parts and repairs

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